Updates to CDAP Boost Your Business Technology

Erica Yu
3 min read
Published November 29, 2023
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The Canadian Digital Adoption Program’s (CDAP) recent improvements are designed to make it easier for SME’s to apply for the grant, and give SME’s additional funded work placements to implement their CDAP plans.

This article provides an overview of the latest updates, including changes in the Magnet SWPP and the expansion of the grant application process.

CDAP Youth Work Placement Update

What’s changed with the Magnet SWPP?

The Magnet SWPP was designed to provide one funded student work placement (up to $7,300) to help implement the plan. 

Realizing this limits the expertise and resources needed to implement large portions of the plan, the program has expanded the work placement program. 

As of September, 2023: 

  • The funded work placement subsidy now allows businesses to hire youth aged 18-30, regardless of their student status
  • The program has removed the minimum hours of work requirement (previously 420 hours for 12 consecutive weeks), granting businesses flexibility in determining wages and placement duration.
  • Businesses can now apply for as many placements as needed, as long as expenses are outlined in the CDAP plan.

Who can I hire now?

The eligibility criteria for hiring youth participants have expanded under the enhanced CDAP program. Businesses can now hire individuals that meet all of the below criteria:

  • Youth aged 18-30 
  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or refugees with the right to work.
  • Current post-secondary students or recent graduates (within 2 years) with digital skills training.
  • Youth participants that have not previously benefited from a completed CDAP Boost Your Technology Work Placement.
  • Youth participants who have previously participated in Grow Your Business placements are eligible.

Implications for CDAP companies

This applies to all SMEs who participated in CDAP Boost Your Business Technology and were already paid out for the digital plan. Once you have your CDAP plan, you can begin searching for experienced individuals to execute them. The removal of hours and wage restrictions provides you with flexibility in structuring and organizing your work placements. 

I’m a youth; how do I get hired?

Youth can join Youth Boost, gaining access to the Boost Your Business Job board to apply for CDAP jobs or receive referrals directly from CDAP-eligible employers.

Authorized Delegate Process

Who can apply for the CDAP grant?

Previously, only business owners or directors could apply for the CDAP grant. Now an authorized delegate can manage the grant agreement on their behalf. Learn more about the CDAP application process and eligibility requirements

Can an employee apply on behalf of the owner?

Yes, an employee can now apply for the owner by becoming an authorized delegate. 

How can an employee request authorization?

To request authorization, an employee must follow these steps:

  1. Create a CDAP account.
  2. Verify their identity.
  3. Start the CDAP application.
  4. Submit contact information for the director.
  5. The director receives an email with steps to authorize the delegate.
  6. The director verifies their identity, confirms business eligibility via the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), and authorizes the delegate.
  7. The delegate receives email confirmation of their authorization.
  8. The authorized delegate can now complete the application on behalf of the business.

Note that directors can only authorize one delegate and can revoke a delegate’s authorization at any time by clicking the link in the application status email. Follow our step-by-step guide on applying to CDAP

Implications for CDAP companies

Introducing this feature empowers owners and directors, freeing their time for core business needs. It streamlines the applicant experience, promoting better focus on the grant process and improving communication with their CDAP digital advisor.


The enhanced Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) was adapted to continue creating a more accessible experience for SMEs. The streamlined processes allow an organization to pursue their digital transformation effectively. Learn about the eligible costs of the CDAP grant

The recent changes to the CDAP program provide expanded opportunities, whether you’re a business owner exploring government funding opportunities or a youth participant seeking valuable experiences. 

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