Get a Website Analysis for Quick Wins
and an SEO Audit for Long Term Gains

Get brutally honest feedback on your site and a deep dive into your competitors to bring you more traffic and quality leads.

How it Works

Schedule a
No-Pressure Zoom Call

Book a 25 minute time to discuss your project and goals. When booking, you’ll complete a short form (< 2 minutes) so I can learn enough about your business to begin research.

Answer Six Questions and Pay with Stripe

After receiving your responses and payment, I’ll evaluate your website and use all the tools available to analyze your business and research the competitive environment. 

Get Three Actionable Recommendations

I’ll present my honest findings, share recommendations and answer any questions you may have. At the end of our meeting, if you’re interested in working together, we can discuss pricing and timeline.

"Victor Lai is highly strategic and brings a wealth of marketing, web strategy and SEO experience to the table. He's also a pleasure to work with. Big Cedar is a great fit for any company that's looking for actionable ways to increase their leads and grow their business."

- David Emerson

Founder, SiteRocket Labs


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in an SEO & Website Analysis?

First, this is NOT an automated report. We have processes to speed up the research, but you’re getting a custom analysis of your online presence. Yes, it’s short (you get asked six questions and we have three days to research), but every report and recommendation is tailored for your business.

You’ll get an honest assessment of both:

  • Issues that are likely holding you back
  • Existing strengths to dial up

What this includes:

  • Site health report
  • Analysis of your top 3 competitors
  • On-Page SEO recommendations
  • Social media review
  • Keyword research
  • Search rankings summary
  • Backlinks summary
  • Recommendations & next steps

How much does it cost?

This service is provided at an introductory offer of $499 CAD.

After selecting a time with the booking link, you’ll be asked to pay by credit card.

I’m so confident you’ll find so much value in this assessment and in my recommendations that if you’re not happy for any reason, I’ll refund you 100%.

Why are you offering this for such a low cost?

This is our foot-in-the-door offer, in marketing speak. We give you a lot of value up front for a minimal investment so you can get a taste of what it’s like working with us and the value we provide, with no commitment.  Our full audits and strategies are normally priced at $3,000-$16,000 and vary from 10 – 30 pages long, the difference here is you get a 25min summary call with me instead of the pretty reports with all the details.

We think you’ll be so impressed by our research and the recommendations we make that you’ll hire us to create a detailed Marketing Action Plan and then continue working with us to execute it.

How do I know my business is ready for an SEO analysis?

Our audit will identify actions that will get you on the path towards growth. In the meeting you’ll discover what’s important now, what has the greatest impact, and what can wait. You’ll need time and resources to execute the recommendations.

The last thing anyone wants is a list of to do’s in an already overloaded schedule. Every client is different, but some recommendations can be completed in ten minutes. Others take more time, resources, and expertise to implement. We have the team to execute them for you. Our rates range from $120-$200/hr depending on the service.

What if I need more time to decide?

Take as much time as you need. We really are no-pressure – we won’t chase you down and hound you with call after all because we stand by the value we provide. We believe you’ll come when you’re you’re at the right stage. And if you’re not sure if you’re at the right stage, we’re happy to have an honest conversation about that as well. We only put pressure on ourselves to deliver for our clients!

What questions are in the form?

These are the actual questions you’ll be sent. If you’re not a fan of forms, feel free to copy and paste below and email with:

  1. What’s your website?
  2. What are your current challenges?
  3. What have you tried before? (SEO? Hired an agency or freelancer? If so, how did it go?)
  4. What services are you interested in?
  5. How are updates made to your site?
  6. Who are your top 3 competitors? List their URLs, with closest competitors at the top.

Why do I need to fill out a form?

To do a quality evaluation we’ll need some information about your business and competitors.

We also don’t work with just anyone – we work only with clients we know we can help and are a good fit. These questions help us get there sooner so we don’t waste each other’s time.

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