SEO Consulting That’s More than Bullet Points

Holistic SEO Services for Small Businesses & Non-Profits

Every SEO consultant promises more traffic and more leads.

Few deliver actionable advice with an honest, professional approach, and the technical expertise to back it up.

We take the mystery out of SEO with our custom plans that explain, in plain English, what you actually need, and the steps and resources to execute it – not just the bullet points.

You’ll have a custom action plan and clarity on where you stand.

We don’t just offer push-button services that spit out a massive to-do list. We look at all aspects that affect search rankings and go one step further – getting quality leads.

Need help with implementation? We got that covered as well.

Clients That Grow With Us

What is SEO and Why Do I Need It?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making changes to improve search rankings to get in front of the people you’re trying to attract – your ideal customers. 

Google has over 200 ranking factors, but at its core, it’s trying to deliver the best result to a user’s search query in the fewest clicks (and sell Ads, but that’s another topic). 

An SEO optimized website is fast, easy to use, and rich in relevant, useful content. Combined with a content strategy, it reveals opportunities based on data and research to get your content in front of the people you’re looking to attract.

Not Everyone Needs SEO

If you need results quickly (less than two months), paid advertising will get you there faster.

If you’re launching a new energy drink, your money is better spent building awareness. 

And if you have very limited marketing resources (less than $1,000), hiring an SEO agency doesn’t make sense. We’re not saying don’t do SEO, in fact, do as much DIY SEO as you can (Backlinko, Moz and our SEO blog are great places to start), but you may be better off promoting in-person and on social media.

However, if you do have a budget to invest in growing your business and your expectations are measured months and not days, investing in organic growth is one of the most sustainable ways to grow engagement.

Are We a Fit?

We only work with companies we know we can help. For example if you run a busy newspaper or have an established store selling 500 SKUs of t-shirts, there are agencies that do that better. 

We’ve seen success with companies who have never had an SEO budget and are looking for guidance, or have hired a consultant before with mixed or uncertain results.

We work best with:
  • Non-profit & professional organizations
  • Wellness, dental & medispa clinics
  • Professional services w/ a high ATV
  • B2B SAAS & Enterprise Software
  • Small businesses doing great things!

What We're Proud of

“Victor really took the time to get to know me, my business, and my goals. I’ve always been afraid of marketing/sales being “icky” but Victor helped me execute a plan that was authentic and highly effective. Big Cedar tripled my new patient bookings, which is more than I had hoped for!”

Elena Moore

Naturopathic Doctor

0 %

Increase in Bookings

Jericho Integrated Health is a team of nine health and wellness practitioners including naturopathic doctors, RMT’s, osteopaths and reflexologists specializing in personalized medicine and pain management.

What it’s Like to Work with Us

Our services are designed to uncover deeper issues that result in real business impact when resolved. 

Though we use paid tools to automate repetitive tasks, we don’t provide automated push-button services. These tools have their limits, we use them but don’t take them as gospel. We lean on our experience and technical expertise to interpret and prioritize issues to focus on what actually makes an impact.

Most SEO agencies focus too much on a technical audit. All of our engagements start there, as fixing technical issues gives us a solid foundation, but our experiences have shown there’s so much more to SEO.

Our research helps u understand the search behavior and psychology of your best customers. Combined with data analysis and our experience, we discover the most valuable keywords to target and the best opportunities that affect the bottom line.

Here’s what that looks like:

Big Cedar’s Five-Step Process to SEO

Step 1: Onboarding & Target Audience Discovery

First we want to understand where you currently stand, where you want to go, and we’ll measure success. We do this by:
  • Sending an onboarding questionnaire to securely get the logins we need (Google Search Console, Google Analytics, website back-end). We can also help install these.
  • Setting up a shared workspace to keep files and project progress visible for you to tap into when you choose. 
  • Asking you questions to understand your ideal client and to align with your goals and KPI’s.

Step 2: Website Audit and On-Page SEO

Next, we look at your site from the customer’s point of view:- 
  • Is the site easy to navigate? 
  • Are the call to actions (e.g. buttons) clear? 
  • Does the UI and UX help or hinder conversions? 
  • Does your messaging and copy align with your goals?
Then we analyze your site with all the tools at our disposal.   This includes:
  • Technical SEO Audit: spam check, http vs https, internal linking, website structure, sitemaps, page speed, mobile, orphan/zombie pages.
  • On-page SEO Audit: are meta tags optimized? Images compressed? Keywords used strategically? The header hierarchy is logical? Pages have the correct schema markup and are optimized for Google features like Featured Snippets?

Step 3: Off-site SEO & Backlink Analysis

In this step we look at external factors that affect SEO that help search engines determine the level of experience, expertise, authority and trust of your site. This includes:
  • Local SEO analysis: Is the Google My Business page optimized and on the map pack? Are online NAPs (Name Address Phone citations) consistent? 
  • Are your social media channels connected and linked correctly? Are you making the most of each platform to direct traffic to your site?
  • Backlink analysis: Google’s algorithm puts a lot of weight into the quality and quantity of sites that link TO you. For instance, if you get a link from Wikipedia or a national newspaper, this will greatly help rankings. Here we analyze which sites contribute the most to your rankings, what sites your competitors are getting links from, and also what opportunities there are for links. 
grow illustration

Step 4: Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research

Ranking for your target keywords is the point of SEO. We dig deep into what’s working best for your competitors and mine the data for the best opportunities to outrank them. This includes:

  • Content gap analysis: if your top competitors rank for keywords you are not, we should also rank for them
  • Content opportunities: valuable keywords we can realistically rank for based on your resources
  • Analyzing search intent: we don’t want traffic just for traffics sake – we want quality users who convert

Step 5: SEO and Content Action Plan

In addition to the quality of recommendations, our action plans set us apart. The plan is designed to give you clarity on how to move forward with your SEO and includes:
  • A prioritized list of issues that are holding the site back
  • A description of the impact of every issue and the resources required
  • Expert performance and content recommendations
Our SEO Starter Package includes all steps. A basic audit includes Steps 1-3.

What do SEO Services Cost?

SEO is an investment. Just as you’d spend on business development to acquire more leads, think of SEO and content strategy as your sales people working for you around the clock, 24/7. 

SEO often grows exponentially – a great piece of content will keep a steady stream of leads coming years down the road.

SEO Audit Only

An audit to check that no technical issues are holding you back.


Technical SEO Audit

We start every engagement by checking for technical issues that may hurt your ability to rank.

Search Console setup

GSC is a free service from Google that helps monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's search results.

Crawl & indexing check

Do search bots have issues crawling your site. Are some pages missing from the search results (index)?

Site structure & sitemap

Sitemaps help Google navigate your site. We check what pages are in or left out, and if the structure is optimized.

On-Page SEO analysis

On-page fundamentals to ensure page titles, meta tags and structured data is set correctly.

Broken link check

We look for broken links (404 pages) and orphan pages with no incoming links.

Site speed & performance

Speed is a ranking factor. We diagnose what can be slowing you down.

Image analysis

Image files that are too can slow down the site and broken images lead to bad user experience.

SSL Security & Redirects

Google sees https, http, www, non-www as different sites. There should be only https.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content without canonical tags can negatively affect SEO.

Mobile usability check

Is the site mobile-friendly? Mobile accounts for >50% of users.

SEO Starter Package

SEO fundamentals, competitor analysis, opportunities and a plan.


Everything in an SEO Audit plus:

SEO Action Plan

An actionable plan with each issue ranked by impact, severity and effort.

Competitor analysis

Deep research into what's working for them and what's missing, to find the best opportunities to rank.

Keyword research

We find the highest value keywords to target based on volume, competition and search intent.

Internal linking optimization

Effective internal linking is often overlooked but is key to improving rankings.

Best opportunities report

More than a list of keywords – we sum up the best content opportunities to get more leads.

Backlink analysis

We look at all incoming links to see which are helping or hurting, and recommend quality link opportunities.

Local SEO optimization

We analyze your Google My Business (GMB) page and how you appear in local search results.

Site schema optimization

Structured tags that improve the way search engines read and represent your page (e.g. product, FAQ)

Content analysis of top 5 pages

We look at your best performing pages and make recommendations to make them better.

3 new content recommendations

The best ideas for new posts or pages to get more leads, based on our deep research.

Custom SEO Packages

SEO & content strategy for complex sites, e-Commerce, and larger websites.

Starting at


Everything in the Starter Package plus:

Conversion optimization audit

A website audit from a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) lens to see if the site is leading the user to a desired action.

Content strategy plan

We create a custom, sustainable action plan to improve your content to get more of the traffic you're looking for.

5 content briefs

Detailed briefs to hand off to your writer, pre-structured with headings to rank. No writer? We do that, too.

Outreach / backlink recommendations

Deeper target market and industry research to find the best sites to get links from that will boost search rankings.

Google Analytics traffic analysis

We look beyond search to user behavior to identify issues visitors have with the site that keep them from converting.

Technical Implementation

Our team will execute the technical and content recommendations

Content analysis of top 15+ pages

We look at your best performing pages and make recommendations to make them better.

10+ new content recommendations

The best ideas for new posts or pages to get more leads, based on our deep research.

These prices are estimates in CAD$. Audit & Starter Packages are based on a 5-page brochure-style site.

"I’m so happy that I finally found a SEO specialist that I can rely on. If you work with Victor, you will not be left in the dark. Everything is well organized and transparent. Thank you, Victor, for your professionalism and dedication to your clients. I look forward to our next project!”

Vicky Katsarova, CEO

High Net Worth Immigration

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Reach out and we'll help you better understand SEO and how it can elevate your organization.

How Long Does SEO Take?

It’s a big red flag when we hear promises around timelines with SEO. 

SEO results depend on several factors including:

  • The level of competition in your niche 
  • The amount of traffic your site receives
  • How often you’ve published new content
  • How much content you already have 
  • What keywords you’re trying to rank for
  • How much optimization your site needs
  • The age of your domain (new sites take longer to rank)
  • The quality of your backlinks
  • How well you execute your optimization strategy

Most often, it takes 3 to 6 months to see results, but it is unique to the situation. We’ve seen movement a a few weeks, particularly after resolving technical SEO issues like those caused by site migrations or domain name changes.

SEO in a Nutshell

SEO is the process of making changes to improve search rankings to get in front of the people you’re trying to attract – your ideal clients. 

Google has over 200 ranking factors, but at its core, it’s trying to deliver the best result to a user’s question (aka search query) in the fewest clicks (and sell Ads, but that’s another topic).

Part of SEO is helping search engines (Google being the big one) find your content more easily by optimizing the site and page structure. This is technical SEO and on-page SEO in a nutshell. 

Another part of SEO is building backlinks and a content strategy to capitalize on opportunities based on data and research.

Before kicking off a major marketing initiative like a content push or website redesign, establish a solid foundation with an SEO audit and set up your website for success.

Ready to Make SEO Work For You?

Find out where you stand and gain clarity on how SEO can help your organization reach its goals.